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The Influence of Fashion

With Chelsea Flower Show in full swing this week, garden design and plants are every bit as subject to fashion trends as clothing, art, furniture, names or architecture. Fashion is ephemeral by nature, often reinventing a past trend and introducing a modern twist, but not usually creating a look that is meant to last. It's exciting to look at new trends in clothes or fabrics and imagine how you can translate colours, textures and forms into a garden setting. However I think there is a streak of arrogance in some practitioners of creative disciplines which blinds them to the validity of other [...]

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Inspiring Your Clients To Win More Work

During your initial paid, on-site consultation of around two hours you will have taken a careful tour of the garden, noting your (possibly unspoken) observations of positive and negative features and including as many site details as possible. You will have asked questions and taken photographs. You will have discussed your clients' wish list, any colour and plant preferences and dislikes, how and when the garden will be used and by whom. By the end of the first consultation you may already have a wondrous vision in your head of the stunning space you can create for your clients. With experience [...]

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Discovering Gold

Understanding The Golden Section in Landscape Design Whether or not you are good at, or interested in mathematics doesn't matter here. Read on. The golden ratio is a fascinating and immensely useful little bit of insider knowledge for designers creating garden plans and is also surprisingly straightforward to grasp, even for maths duffers like me. It is the mathematical relationship most often referred to as the golden ratio, the golden section, the golden mean, or simply phi. They all mean the same thing. It is a ratio of 1 to 1,618. This ratio can be discovered in many many forms - in nature, [...]

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Clients: First Contact

How To Deal With Garden Design Clients. Working with clients is of course a very personal thing and everyone will have different ways of approaching that all-important initial visit. However, these are some guidelines that I always try to follow and some observations that I have found endlessly useful. The first contact with your client may be by phone, email or your website's enquiry form. It may surprise you how very little understanding there is of what goes into producing professional, workable design plans. I've found that a fail-safe way to initiate prospective clients into the design [...]

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