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GD100 Designing Space

As a garden designer, you have to be able to think and design in 3D. You will acquire a structured approach to designing space. You will learn to manipulate simple shapes into coherent patterns and use this approach as a tool for designing in three dimensions. You will be encouraged to exploit art as a basis for expanding your own repertoire of responses to design assignments.

GD300 Garden History

Its vital that students understand the past before they can design for the future. This module explores man-made landscapes from early agricultural societies in the Middle East, until the present time. Trends in design are noted, their relation to art, architecture and socioeconomic activity in different societies explored.

GD500 Urban Garden Design

Urban spatial development In two separate exercises you will survey a courtyard and a small garden using running dimensions and triangulation, making note of all relevant site details. Site data will be evaluated, including the potential for fulfilling the client’s brief.

GD700 Landscape Construction

Design Detail and Creative Planning This module covers hard landscape construction. You will cover, working drawings, surveying, construction details and setting out, as well as the properties of construction materials.

GD 900 Soft Landscape Form and Colour

You will explore the relationship between plants and their optimal living environment. You will study plant physiology, form and structure and considered their inter-related variables. You will also analise different planting styles used by leading designers.

GD 1100 Country Garden Design

You will apply your design knowledge to drawing up a proposal for a large country garden. The drawings and documents associated with this project will employ the full range of skills and knowledge learnt on the course.

GD200 SketchUp Essential Training

Architecture, design, and media professionals all over the world are using SketchUp to create detailed 3D models efficiently and quickly. You will cover the fundamentals of the application, the interface, and the Sandbox extension, which is used to create realistic organic shapes and terrain.

GD400 Picasa: Photo Manipulation

These tutorials are packed with tons of useful tips on managing your photo library, editing your pictures, and sharing them with friends and family. In almost no time you will learn how to organize, sort, rate, and locate specific pictures as well as how to rotate images, remove redeye, and adjust exposure settings. You’ll also learn how to share your photos via email, the Web, over a network, and even by ordering prints and books online.

GD600 VectorWork Essential Training

VectorWorks sports cutting-edge features and a brand new interface, making it the perfect opportunity for those with no prior drafting experience to learn CAD from the ground up

GD 800 Garden Photography

Comprises a series of photographic lectures and practical exercises. The emphasis will be very much hands on, with the core segment of the teaching revolving around creating photos of plants & gardens suitable for your web presentation, fine art and magazine publication.

GD 1000 VectorWork Advanced Training

GD 1200 Business and Professional Practice

This covers the fundamentals of contract law governing the relationship between designer and client and between client and contractor. Lectures on setting up, marketing and sustaining a design business are given by practitioners who are able to explain the incremental steps required to maximise your chances of success.

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