• Thick black marker pen (Water Based)
  • Graphite sticks 4B
  • Pencils HB 2B
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Large compass with extension bar and ink pen attachment Approx. 20cm diameter without extension (don’t forget extension bar and ink pen attachment)
  • Bar Compass (Min 500mm in length)
  • Plan Tube: for transporting drawings
  • Large adjustable set square
  • Microphone head-set

This is a triangle of clear plastic used for vertical and diagonal line drawing when rested on the edge of the drawing board Sizes vary enormously – do not buy the smallest size or you will have trouble drawing long vertical lines. The length of the longest side should be around 250-3OOmm (10-12″). When you do your final drawing in ink, make sure you buy your set squares with angled edges that eliminate smudging.

Scale rule A scale rule (or scale) is a narrow strip of plastic the length of a normal ruler and either flat or triangular in shape. It has varying numbers of divisions along each edge on both sides. The divisions are in proportions to actual distances and dimensions and are used for making plans drawn to scale. The scales you will most often use are 1:20,1:50,1:100,1:200 but you will probably find that most scale rules go up to at least 1:12

  • 25m role of 60g tracing paper
  • Approx. 10 sheets of A1 Architectural Blanks (Available from the college at £2 each)
  • Circular template (HELIX H67)
  • Role of Masking tape
  • Drawing board – Al or AO with parallel motion.

Suggested Equipment Sources

A1 Drawing Board,  Online Graphic Supplies USA UK UK UK Brother Printer with A3 scanner  Chartpak Marker Pens UK USA for the Chartpak list

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