Getting Started with Vectorwork Course

Getting Started with Vectorwork Course

Our Online Vectorwork course is divided into two sections. Part 1 details with the basic setup and 2D drawing functions and is suitable for all industries and disciplines. Parts 2 is specifically design for the landscape and garden design industry. The course can either be taking as a whole or as individual sections depending on your requirements.

Part 1

Setting Up your Workspace

  • Setting Up Preferences

  • Managing VW Settings

  • Introduction to the Screen & Pallets

  • Page Size grids, auto classing and Templates

Basic Drawing Techniques

  • Drawing & Selecting Regular Shapes

  • Drawing irregular Shape & Curves

  • Understanding X & Y Coordinates and Creating Objects

  • Resizing & Changing Objects

  • Move, Copy & Move By Point

  • Duplicate Array & Duplicate Along a Path

  • Fillet Chamfer & Mirror Objects

  • Circles with Even Divides

  • Fills & Line Weight

  • Hatches & Gradients

  • Resource Browser Setup

  • Text Styles, Callouts & Notes

  • Dimensioning preferences

  • Classes & Layers

  • Viewports, Sheets and Printing

Part 2

How to Import a Land Survey or Architects’ File

Drawing Your Own Site Survey

  • Drawing The House

  • Adding Door and Windows

  • Triangulation

  • Offsets & Curves

  • Levels & Spot Heights

  • Setting out Plan

Setting Out Drawings

  • Creating a setting out plan

Working with Hard Landscape

  • Creating Steps & Walls

  • File Organization and Resources

  • Using The Hard Landscape Tool

  • Calculating Areas & Reports

Planting Plans

  • Adding Plants

  • Place Plant Tool

  • Creating Your Own Plant Definitions

  • Editing Plant Definitions

  • Creating a Plant Symbol

  • Vectorworks Plant database

Creating Mixed Planting Beds

  • Creating a landscape Plan

VW Plant Database

  • Adding Your Own Plants

  • Importing a Plant database

Plant Schedules and Reports

  • Using the premade plant list

  • Creating your own Schedule

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