Getting Started with Vectorworks Course

Getting Started with Vectorworks Course

Our online VectorWorks course has huge advantages over a traditional classroom taught course.  For a start, you have a lifetimes access to the lectures. This allows you to revisit lectures time and again, which is vital when you are learning a new piece of software and impossible in the face to face classroom. Our online Vectorworks course also allows you to learn at your own pace and to repeat the same lecture several times until you have fully understood and digested the information.  lectures are in bite-sized chunks so it easy to remember focused pieces of information without getting lost in a larger more complicated chapter of information.

Vectorworks Landmark® is now the premier landscape design software in the world. Fully compatible with other leading software programs like AutoCAD, VectorWorks comes with a fully integrated plant data base that other software packages simply can’t beat.  It allows garden designers to become much more productive and enables them to create ready made libraries of construction details that can be easily replicated and reused.  VectorWorks Landmark allows you to work with other professionals, such as architects, engineers and surveyors, and produce stunning, detailed drawings for planning purposes as will a tendering and estimating.

Our Online Vectorworks Landmark course is divided into two sections. Part 1 details the basic setup and 2D drawing functions and is suitable for all industries and disciplines. Parts 2 is specifically designed for the landscape and garden design industry. 

Part 1: Setting Up Your Workspace

  • Setting Up Preferences
    Managing VW Settings
    Introduction to the Screen & Pallets
    Page Size grids, auto classing and Templates

Basic Drawing Techniques

  • Drawing & Selecting Regular Shapes
    Drawing irregular Shape & Curves
    Understanding X & Y Coordinates and Creating Objects
    Resizing & Changing Objects
    Move, Copy & Move By Point
    Duplicate Array & Duplicate Along a Path
    Fillet Chamfer & Mirror Objects
    Circles with Even Divides
    Fills & Line Weight
    Hatches & Gradients
    Resource Browser Setup
    Text Styles, Callouts & Notes
    Dimensioning preferences
    Classes & Layers
    Viewports, Sheets and Printing

Part 2: How to Import a Land Survey or Architects’ File

Drawing Your Own Site Survey

  • Drawing The House
    Adding Door and Windows
    Offsets & Curves
    Levels & Spot Heights
    Setting out Plan

Setting Out Drawings

  • Creating a setting out plan

Working with Hard Landscape

  • Creating Steps & Walls
    File Organization and Resources
    Using The Hard Landscape Tool
    Calculating Areas & Reports

Planting Plans

  • Adding Plants
    Place Plant Tool
    Creating Your Own Plant Definitions
    Editing Plant Definitions
    Creating a Plant Symbol
    Vectorworks Plant database

Creating Mixed Planting Beds

  • Creating a landscape Plan

VW Plant Database

  • Adding Your Own Plants
    Importing a Plant database

Plant Schedules and Reports

  • Using the pre-installed plant lists
    Creating your own Schedule

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