Why Study Online?

TRADITIONAL OR VIDEO BASED ON-LINE LEARNING? Traditional or “face to face” landscape design schools require you to attend classes in person, whilst a video based online garden design program offers all of the coursework through an online learning environment. Traditional programs require you to attend school on specific days and times, with classes varying in size from 5 – 40 students. Video based on-line programs such as those at Oxford College of Garden Design provide courses that can be taken 24/7, with class sizes limited to a maximum of 10 students per tutor. Tutor and student interaction in these programs occurs via our virtual classroom with webinars, VOIP, email, and other technologies, so that you are not required to be “in class” at any specific time. Here are some other considerations when choosing between the more traditional garden schools and the online program at the Oxford College of Garden Design:  
Traditional schools Oxford College Online Diploma
Will my course equip me be practise as a professional garden designer Sometimes Yes
Can I continue to work full time? No Yes
Will I have to give up my salary? Usually No
Can I continue to earn a living while starting my new business Sometimes Yes
Can I study whenever and where ever I want? No Yes
Can I repeat my lectures? No Yes
Can I extend my course for up to 36 months? No Yes
Are my tutors working designers? Sometimes Yes
24/7 access to course materials? No Yes
Daily access to my tutors and classmates? Sometimes Yes
Multimedia instructional videos? No Yes
Group discussions and 1-2-1 critiques? Sometimes Yes
Flexible hand in dates? Sometimes Yes
Classmates from around the world? Sometimes Yes
Able to ask questions 24/7? No Yes
Do I have train/petrol parking expenses? Usually No
Will I have to spend time commuting? Usually No
roundlogoThis is not a correspondence course delivered online. This is the world’s first and only video based course where you get exactly the same lectures via the internet as you would if you were sitting in the classroom in person.

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