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Who are our garden design students?

  • “From day one, this course opens your eyes to the most amazing possibilities in the world of garden design”

    Sue Squire

You’re probably here because you love gardens. You have an eye for artistry and want to create your own garden designs.

If you’re not keen on gardening, that’s fine. Our courses aren’t about gardening, they’re about exterior design.

Previous design experience and horticultural expertise isn’t necessary. We don’t expect you to be a plant expert. As you progress through the course, you’ll learn everything you need to know.

  • Flower border design

    “The diploma is much more than a distance learning course… Its use of online technology is an improvement on traditional classroom teaching.”

    Ben Norris

A typical student profile

To be honest, there isn’t one. You can be any age, any nationality and from any background.
You could be a full-time mum, a top-flight lawyer or a builder. If the following sounds like you, our courses can be life-changing:

  • You can spare at least 15 hours a week
  • You have artistic flair, curiosity and a passion to learn
  • You have a good grasp of English
  • You have a computer and an internet connection

Do you have any questions? We’re always happy to answer them. Call us on +44 (0)1491 628 950 or send us an email.

… but I’m not `academic’

You don’t need to be academic. In fact, you may have actively disliked education in the past — particularly the `text-heavy’ style of education.

Our teaching style is uniquely engaging because all lectures are on video. Each one is there to play, rewind and rewatch whenever you like.

The video lectures are yours to keep. It’s a whole library of valuable information which you can go back to again and again.

It’s all online, so I’ll feel remote

By learning online with us, you’ll have more live contact time than you would in a traditional classroom.

Each week there are live sessions with your tutor and 6-7 other students. Ask questions, explore subjects in more detail, and get expert feedback on your work so far.

To chat with other students, just log into the daily classroom. It’s a great place to share ideas.

Are you ready to step into a new life?

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