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Garden design online courses — We give you a head start in business

  • “Professional garden design in its entirety, in one year. It is tough but you come out of it confident to take on even the most complicated project, and enjoy it.”

    Sarah Naybour, RHS Gold Medallist

Our garden design online courses are the most thorough of their kind in the world.

As well as design and technical skills, we also teach business acumen. When you start work, you’ll know how to run a profitable design practice.

You’ll be an expert on:

  • How to market your business, what to charge, how to get high-value clients
  • Contract law
  • Dealing with other professionals
  • How and where to source the best materials for each job
  • The designer's key role is to link
    building with landscape

    Duncan Heather

Garden design course
Mentoring after graduation

After finishing your garden design course, you may worry about being self-employed. It feels like a massive risk.

As an OCGD graduate, you’ve already lessened that risk. Here are 3 reasons why:

  • • You’ll be mentored by us throughout your first year in business
  • You’re more employable than your competitors
  • You’re better qualified than almost everyone else in the industry

Effectively, you’ll start your new life with a head start.

You have our support and guidance while you set up the business, and you have a gold-standard reputation as a graduate of the Oxford College of Garden Design.

The John Brookes method

“I am not a gardener. I am a landscape designer”
– John Brookes

The Oxford College of Garden Design is the only place in the world which teaches the John Brookes method in its entirety.

You’ll become more than a gardener. You’ll discover how to use plants as architecture. You’ll know how lines, patterns and shapes connect an outside space to the landscape and buildings around it.

As a result, your garden designs will stand the test of time. You’ll create a legacy. Your gardens will bring beauty to the landscape for decades to come.

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