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Vectorworks Landmark training — Curriculum

  • “The diploma is much more than a distance learning course… Its use of online technology is an improvement on traditional classroom teaching.”

    Ben Norris

Part 1:
Setting up your workspace

You learn how to set up your preferences and manage Vectorworks settings. There’s an introduction to screens and pallets, page size grids, auto classing and templates.

Basic drawing techniques

Vectorworks has developed drawing tools specifically for you as a professional landscape designer.

In this module, you’ll learn how to master the basics — from drawing shapes, resizing, changing and moving objects to fills and line weights, hatches and gradients.

  • “I have learnt so much more than I anticipated - not just the design process but a complete professional training. I now feel confident and ambitious to be one of the best!”

    Gill German, MSGD

Part 2:
How to import a land survey or architect’s file

You’ll learn how to draw your own site survey — the house, its doors and windows; triangulation, offsets and curves, levels and spot heights. You’ll find out how to create a setting-out plan.

Working with hard landscape

How to use Vectorworks hard landscaping tools. You’ll be able to create steps and walls, calculate areas, create reports, and organise all your files and resources.

Planting plans

We add the plants. You’ll be using the plant tools, symbols and plant database, creating and editing your own plant definitions.

You’ll also find out how to create a landscape plan for a mixed planting bed.

You learn how to use the Vectorworks plant database. You’ll be able to add your own plants, and import a plant database.

Plant schedules and reports

You’ll be using your pre-installed plant lists and creating your own planting schedule.

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