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Garden design diploma curriculum

  • “This diploma went well beyond my expectations and opened my mind and my heart to the beginning of a new adventure!”

    Brian Dove, Mauritius

Designing space

How to think and design in 3D. We show you how to manipulate simple shapes into coherent patterns — and how to use this as a design tool. You’ll also learn to use art as inspiration for a rich repertoire of responses to design assignments.

Sketchup training

SketchUp is used worldwide by design professionals because it creates 3D models quickly and efficiently. You’ll learn the fundamentals, including the Sandbox extension, to create realistic organic shapes and terrain.

Garden history

ToSketchUp training design for the future, you must first understand the past. We explore man-made landscapes from the early Middle East to the present day. We look at design trends across different societies, and how they connect to the art, architecture and socioeconomic activity of the people.

Image manipulation

How to organise, sort, rate and locate images in your photo library. You’ll learn adjustment and editing techniques, how to share photos across a network, how to organise prints and books online.

Urban garden design

You’ll survey a courtyard and a small garden. You’ll use running dimensions and triangulation, noting all relevant site details, then evaluate the site data and its potential for meeting a client’s brief.

  • “From day one, this course opens your eyes to the most amazing possibilities in the world of garden design”

    Sue Squire

Hard landscaping theory and practice

We look at construction and specification in landscape and garden design. You’ll be confident about instructing contractors to build a plethora of landscape features — ponds, pools, pergolas, arbours, walls and fencing, paving, drives, steps, drainage, decking and concrete.

Landscape construction

Hard landscape construction, the design detail and creative planning — including the properties of construction materials. We cover working drawings, surveying, levels, drainage, construction details and setting out.

Garden photography

Photographic lectures and a series of hands-on practical exercises. You’ll create professional-quality photos of plants and gardens which you can use for online marketing material and magazines.

Soft landscape form and colour

The relationship between plants and their optimum living environment. You’ll learn plant physiology, form and structure — and you’ll analyse the diverse range of planting styles used by leading designers.

Garden design masterclasses

Exclusive lectures by top designers and artists including John Brookes, Anthony Paul, Luciano Guibbilei and Jilly Sutton.

Country garden design

A chance to put your new knowledge and skills into action. You’ll draw up a proposal for a large country garden.

Business and professional practice

Working professionals give you a step-by-step guide on how to run a successful business. You’ll cover the fundamentals of contract law — the relationship between designer and client, client and contractor — plus how to set up, market and sustain a business for the long term.

Computer modelling and Vectorworks training

Vectorworks now includes cutting-edge features and a new interface. If you have little or no previous CAD experience, this is your opportunity to master the software which is essential for your future career.

What kind of assignments will you carry out?

Each assignment brings you further towards a new life as a professional garden designer.

For the full details of what you’ll be doing, see Garden Design Diploma Assignments.

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