Garden Design Diploma Course Aims

Don’t be put off by the fact that our garden design diploma course is online, as we still produce some of the best, most competent landscape design students in the world.

Every year we aim to produce the top graduates of any of the design establishments. Our students have won the American APLD student of the year, UK Society of Garden Designers’ student of the year, four times, as well as BBC’s garden designer of the year.

We set out to produce students with the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to undertake a period of professional practice and further professional education.  It’s very difficult for potential students to compare one garden design course with another, as the content and syllabuses all look very similar.  

Unfortunately, most courses do not teach students to a high enough professional level, to allow them to set up and run a successful garden design business after they graduated.  Most fail within the first 12 months or require further training to make up for their lack of construction business and professional practice skills which is why we set up our Pro Course work working designers to compensate for other less professional courses.

Unlike other courses, our garden design diploma course places a huge amount of emphasis on teaching our student to be able to offer a similar design service to that of a building architect.  Therefore being able to offer a full professional service and charge professional fees.  Most courses only equip their student to offer the initial sales package to their clients.  While ours goes on to equip you to offer the full planning, building regs. contract management, health & safety, costings, estimation, supervision and project management.

In addition to that, we teach you how to set up and run a business, including marketing, communication skills, photography, and social networking skills.

Oxford College of Garden Design
Oxford Science Park,
John Eccles House,
Robert Robinson Avenue,
Oxon OX4 4GP

T:+44 (0)1491628950

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