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Hours of Study
Our online landscape design courses were designed, after consultation with Oxford Brookes University. It is modelled on our one-year postgraduate level course and based on the notion of 1200 hours of your effort to complete the course, including all online/webinars, contact teaching time and private study.

This is an inexact science but is based on years of experience. The time required to complete tasks will vary according to your personal organisation, ability and application. Feedback is used regularly to monitor all aspects of the course including levels of effort required to successfully complete each section. Starting the course is no guarantee of completion although 85% of our students go onto graduate.

Students are required to study for a minimum of 15 hours per week and up to 25 hours per week if they wish to complete the course within one year.

Our landscape design courses can be completed in one year, in addition, students have an extra 12 months of tutorials support if required. This allows for much greater flexibility over a traditional classroom based course. Where, if students fall behind they are unlikely to catch up. 

Course Delivery
Most noteworthy are that video lectures take place, as carefully planned video tutorials, released weekly via our online classroom. Allowing the students to watch them at their leisure and as often as they like. (We are the only online course to offer pre-recorded video lectures, identical to those given in the classroom) This delivery method offers much greater flexibility over traditional classroom taught

As a result, this delivery method offers much greater flexibility over traditional classroom taught courses because students can plan their study to suit themselves and revisit the same lecture time and again.

Assessment, is by course work, together with a continual assessment of design projects and associated technical studies. The course is student led, with ongoing evaluation over one to two years. Assignments make up 60% of the possible marks, research work accounting for 40%. Design work carried out through studio projects and taught by online tutorial make up the heart of the course.

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