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Students come from all walks of life and completely different backgrounds, as well every practically every country in the world (See our testimonials page).  Being online, we can cater for every nationality and all we ask, is you have a sufficient understanding of the English langue to understand the video lectures and read the student notes.  Students are encouraged to use their own local materials and plants in their design work and this rich mixture of cultures and experiences give our courses a unique multicultural range of ideas and design solutions.

Students often come from highly successful 1st or 2nd careers but want to get back to something that is both artistic and creative.  Garden design is one of the few professions where you can leave a legacy behind that could last 100’s of years.

The most important requirement is a passion to learn and some artistic flare. No previous design experience is required as this will be taught during the course. An art background is useful, but not essential, but some sort of creative ability would be beneficial. This doesn’t mean you can draw or paint, but knowing when something looks and feels right will certainly help.

Plant knowledge is not required, as this will be taught on the course.

In addition you will need a good grasp of English and some basic computer skills. If you can email and download a picture file then you can do this course!

Our aim is to produce students with the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to become professional garden designers, who can offer a professional service and charge professional fees.


Our students have won the both the APLD and SGD student of the year awards numerous times, as well as the BBC garden designer of the year award. Many have produced medal winning show gardens and have worked with some of the leading landscape designers around the world including Anthony Paul, Arne Maynard, Luciano Giubbilei, James Alexander Sinclair, and Charlotte Rowe (herself an OCGD student!)

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