The next course start date is April 2018
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Course Structure

You have garden design lectures released every Friday to watch and listen to at your convenience. In addition to these, you will have weekly assignments to complete and upload to the classroom, which are then discussed in class each week during your online webinar. The course structure is arranged in 3 broad strands consisting of design, construction and planting.


You will be taught 2 styles of design, the John Brookes style, sometimes known as pattern analysis and the ‘survey analysis and design’ or SAD style. You will cover everything from courtyard garden design through to large town gardens, through to rural country estates in excess of 2 hectares. In addition, you will study commercial landscape design in the form of residential developments and parking, so you can confidently work with architects and local authorities after you graduate. In total, you will complete 15 different gardens during the course, which will go on to make up your sales portfolio after you graduate.


Most courses do not cover construction and professional practice in nearly enough detail. Instead they focus on planting and drawing which is fine, until you need to earn a living, or need planning permission or work with other professionals. The Oxford College of Garden Design teaches you to become a residential landscape architect, confident and capable of specifying how to build, what materials to use and provide contract and specification documentation. We also teach you how to run a business, talk to clients, how much to charge and all the planning and health & safety issues, which surround the industry.


Plants are the heart of garden design and the reason most people come into the industry in the first place. You will continue to learn about planting design for the rest of your design career. What we will teach you at the Oxford College of Garden Design is planting design techniques and philosophy. You will graduate with a thorough understanding of how to choose plants that work and respond to your scheme and a plant knowledge of over 200 species which will be more than enough to get you started in your career.

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